Network security system overview]

At present, the vast majority of enterprises in China are using network version of antivirus software + firewall to protect the normal operation of the enterprise network.

The network version of anti-virus software is deployed in the enterprise network for centralized management of a set of anti-virus software. It can kill the virus inside the enterprise and ensure the security of the enterprise network system to a certain extent, but it still has great limitations.

First of all, the network version of anti-virus software is installed on the original operating system, so the stability of the operating system itself and whether there are loopholes have a certain impact on the use of the network version of anti-virus software. Secondly, although network anti-virus software can kill viruses, it does not guarantee that viruses can enter the local area network from the Internet, and more and more network viruses begin to exploit the vulnerability of the operating system to attack and spread.

The time from the release of vulnerability patches by the operating system manufacturers to the emergence of the virus using this vulnerability to spread is becoming shorter and shorter, and the time that the virus leaves for the system administrator to repair the system is also becoming shorter and shorter. But if we don't fix the operating system vulnerabilities in time, these viruses can easily bypass the anti-virus software and directly infect the computer, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of the anti-virus software.

How to prevent the virus from entering the internal network has become the primary problem faced by the network security of various enterprises Many enterprises have gradually realized that it is not enough to use network anti-virus software for protection. More and more enterprises have begun to use special enterprise level hardware firewall equipment to effectively intercept network viruses.

[network security system diagram]




[principle of network security system]

In the 21st century, with the rapid development of information industry, the Internet is developing and popularizing rapidly. Accompanied by the computer virus is increasingly rampant. Although many enterprises have a certain sense of security, and deployed the network version of anti-virus software and hardware firewall, but in the face of new worms such as SQL lammer, it still seems inadequate. In the face of today's bad Internet security situation, only a strong anti-virus wall can guarantee the security of enterprise network.

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