[principle of intelligent transportation system]

Intelligent traffic electronic police is a systematic project integrating traffic management, command and dispatching, information collection, data sharing and platform exchange, including 12 functions of integrated command system, network communication system, geographic information system, traffic signal control system, video monitoring system, police car positioning system and electronic police automatic shooting system. It is an electronic instrument system developed by using advanced image processing technology, new generation information transmission technology, integrated control technology, intelligent management technology and other modern high-tech means. It is installed on urban traffic intersections or mobile police cars, and takes pictures of illegal vehicles running red lights 24 hours a day

[composition of intelligent transportation system]

The whole system consists of five units: detection unit, image capture unit, camera unit and license plate automatic recognition unit







[intelligent transportation system function]

Speed measurement function: the system can accurately detect and record the driving speed of passing motor vehicles every day. When there are speeding vehicles, the system will automatically alarm and record the photos together with the speed data into the violation database.

Vehicle detection record: monitor and record the vehicle type, color and license plate of every passing motor vehicle 24 hours a day, and automatically identify the license plate number, refresh the database automatically, and record circularly.

Traffic flow detection and Statistics: provide accurate traffic flow statistics in hours, and provide traffic management departments with traffic flow reports in a direct square.

Blacklist vehicle inspection: the system automatically recognizes the license plate of each vehicle close-up photo, and quickly compares the recognition result with the blacklist license plate. If there is the same, the system immediately alarms and displays the license plate number and the type of blacklist license plate.

Remote communication and management function: with remote communication line, the front-end equipment can be controlled by the computer in the monitoring center, and the blacklist database can be updated at any time, and the image data and traffic flow data in the front-end database can be transmitted back to the monitoring center.

The high-energy computer provides efficient and complete rail transit solutions. At the same time of greatly improving the data transmission, the safety analysis is carried out according to the data recorded by the vehicle to realize the rail transit informatization, and finally effectively improve the pressure of the existing urban traffic. Serve many rail transit departments around the world and make due contributions to the rail transit industry.

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