[overview of smart retail system]

Smart retailing is to use Internet and Internet of things technology to perceive consumption habits, predict consumption trends, guide production and manufacturing, and provide consumers with diversified and personalized products and services. Smart retail is the third revolution leading the world's retail industry. First, smart retail has broken the unilateral development situation of online and offline; second, smart retail has achieved the perfect integration of new technology and real industry; third, smart retail is the inevitable trend that global enterprises can explore and develop together; fourth, smart retail is an open and shared ecological model.

In the new retail trend, consumer experience becomes the center, and digitalization becomes an important means for retail enterprises to cope with changes and challenges. How to obtain, integrate and analyze the data of each business link and carry out data management becomes the top priority. The intelligent retail solution of high-energy computer takes consumers as the center and data as the driving force to improve customer experience, increase revenue, improve operation efficiency and save cost.

[smart retail system diagram]







[smart retail solutions]

Digital operation: smart stores, using advanced technology to achieve smart retail, to meet the digital expectations of today's consumers.

Supply chain reconstruction: Omni channel supply chain, upgrading retail supply chain, minimizing the impact of global and local events on the supply chain.

Customer experience reconstruction: predict customer expectations, apply artificial intelligence, and provide customized marketing information and commodity services for customers.

High energy computer is mainly engaged in R & D and production of stable, reliable, embedded and intelligent industrial control All-in-one equipment, customized services, providing intelligent finance, intelligent transportation, intelligent security, intelligent retail, network security and other industrial control all-in-one solutions.

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