More than one thousand Taiwan businessmen participated in the opening ceremony of Guangzhou Taiwan C

 On August 23, the '2019 Guangzhou Taiwan Commodity Fair' (hereinafter referred to as 'Taiwan Expo') jointly sponsored by Guangzhou Taiwan office and Guangzhou cooperation office opened in Guangzhou on August 23. The four-day exhibition attracted more than 1000 Taiwanese businessmen from Tainan, Kaohsiung, Kinmen and other places in the island, as well as the association of Taiwan funded enterprises in Guangzhou (hereinafter referred to as 'Guangzhou Taiwan Association'), with an exhibition area of 20000 square meters.


台博会 | 2019广州台湾商品博览会开幕 逾千家台商参展

▲ Lu Yixian, member of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal Committee and head of the United Front Department, and his party visited the exhibition hall of 'Taiwan Expo' on the first day of its opening, visited Taiwan merchants, Taiwan youth, and gave high praise to the organization and products of this 'Taiwan Expo'. Accompanied by Zeng Weidong, director of the municipal Taiwan Affairs Office, and Kuang Weifei, deputy director.


台博会 | 2019广州台湾商品博览会开幕 逾千家台商参展


    Taiwan Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship image exhibition hall is specially set up in this Taiwan Expo, which focuses on high-energy computer, novanyi biotechnology and other Taiwan projects that won awards in the entrepreneurship competition, and 18 excellent Taiwan youth entrepreneurship enterprises organized by Guangzhou Youth Association and Guangzhou Taiwan youth home, covering gene technology, intelligent catering, cultural creativity, education and pension, and new media Body and other fields. In addition, it also attracted 12 entrepreneurial projects from Taitung University and Hualien Donghua University, covering marine science and technology, aquatic product processing, biotechnology, Internet of things, new materials, precision agriculture and other fields.

       According to the Guangzhou Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office, in recent years, the number of young Taiwanese entrepreneurs and employees in Guangzhou has continued to rise. According to incomplete statistics, in recent three years, Guangzhou has added nearly 120 Taiwan youth entrepreneurship projects, nearly 2000 new Taiwan youth entrepreneurship and employment internships, and more than 50 Taiwan professionals have obtained the 'talent green card' of Guangzhou.


台博会 | 2019广州台湾商品博览会开幕 逾千家台商参展


Member exhibition area of Taiwan Association

In the exhibition area of Taiwan Association members, the reporter saw that according to the characteristics and functions of the exhibition area, it is divided into seven blocks: large-scale Taiwan enterprise exhibition area, Guangzhou Taiwan Association image hall, Taiwan charity area, jewelry tea aquarium, health and Medical Museum, clothing and Fashion Museum, and Taiwan food area. Each block is well designed with distinctive features and strong Taiwan flavor.


台博会 | 2019广州台湾商品博览会开幕 逾千家台商参展


According to reports, in order to increase the richness and professionalism of the exhibition, at the invitation of the organizer, the Taiwan Art and gift export industry association, Taipei alcohol industry association, Taichung alcohol industry association, Taoyuan companion gift Association, China Association for cultural, economic and trade exchanges and development, China Association for cultural, creative, development and exchange, and other major professional associations and institutions in Taiwan are also invited Joint participation.


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