[high energy Computer] passionate time, emotional staff's birthday in July

On July 9, 2019, high energy computer ushered in the second employee birthday party


【高能计算机】浓情时光,情系员工 7月生日趴


When I was a child, my birthday was a joy for my family. There were mom and Dad, cake and candles

At school, the birthday is the reunion of the students, with the friendship of classmates and the cheerfulness of the toast

After work, the birthday is the reunion of colleagues, hand in hand, dream of the future

【高能计算机】浓情时光,情系员工 7月生日趴

The birthday party begins. The two 'longevity stars' gather in the meeting room,

Prepare to have an ordinary and meaningful birthday party at work.


【高能计算机】浓情时光,情系员工 7月生日趴


With the help of delicious food, Qi Qi sings a birthday song

Birthday cake, a symbol of auspiciousness, is not the most dazzling and striking,

But there are always loyal fans who like it,

Soft taste, sweet taste, silk into the heart


【高能计算机】浓情时光,情系员工 7月生日趴


Red frozen watermelon, relieving summer heat and thirst

Sweet honey cantaloupe with yellow orange, sweet juice and crispy meat

Golden pineapple, sweet and sour is me

Colorful is a grape, invigorating the stomach, nourishing the stomach, refreshing the mind


【高能计算机】浓情时光,情系员工 7月生日趴


Together, with joy,

Sharing the warm blessings of leaders and colleagues,

Sharing the joy and joy that birthdays bring us.


【高能计算机】浓情时光,情系员工 7月生日趴


The birthday party is short and warm,

It is engraved with the deep feeling of 'high energy' for everyone,

Devoted to every employee's care and love.


【高能计算机】浓情时光,情系员工 7月生日趴


Wish the longevity stars have today every year, every year, career progress, and a happy life!

I also hope that the future of high energy will be more beautiful. Wealth will rise like the clouds at dawn and profits like the spring tide will bring rain


Holding the enterprise birthday party not only expresses the company's cordial care for its employees, but also highlights the company's corporate culture atmosphere, creates a relaxed and harmonious working environment and interpersonal relationship, enhances the interaction and friendship between employees, creates the strongest team spirit of 'high-energy' people, and builds a big family of unity, friendship and active endeavor.


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