How to develop embedded industrial computer

The embedded industrial computer (compact computer) is a kind of reinforced industrial computer, which is installed in the equipment and completes one or more specific industrial tasks with industrial system. It has open modular structure, strong data processing ability, reliable performance, fanless structure, strong industrial environment adaptability, rich I / O and good software development ring Environment, as well as high-performance network and communication support, are widely used in industrial computer.

Common embedded industrial computers include box industrial computers and fanless industrial computers. If they are divided according to their performance, they are generally divided into two categories: low power consumption and high performance. At the same time, different performance is divided into some small branches, such as basic type and multi-I / O type according to the I / O situation.



With the rapid development of the national economy and the continuous expansion of the market demand for industrial automation, the domestic industrial computer also shows explosive growth. In particular, the establishment of the national industrial computer localization joint development committee has completed the localization transformation process of industrial computer rapidly, and has realized the integration with the international advanced level. The main features of the industrial computer commonly used in the current industrial field include:

1. All steel case, micro positive pressure air supply and heat dissipation, filter dust-proof, with high magnetic, dust-proof and impact resistance

2. The industrial main board is adopted, the signals on the board are isolated by multi-layer ground wire, and the capacitors are evenly distributed to enhance their anti electromagnetic interference ability

3. High reliable industrial switching power supply with strong anti-interference ability

4. Increase the number of slots, develop a full range of industrial I / O boards, and provide the system with a more flexible combination configuration capability.

5. Be able to work continuously for a long time.

The traditional industrial computer has its own limitations, such as large size, hard to disassemble the case, inconvenient maintenance, can not operate in black mode, etc., which can not fully meet the requirements of the embedded environment, so its application scope is still limited. Therefore, the embedded industrial computer came into being. The main features of embedded IPC include:

1. Scientific and reasonable alloy case design can not only prevent dust, moisture, vibration and electromagnetic interference, but also realize wide temperature work.

2. Fanless and wireless cable design greatly reduces the maintenance requirements of the system.

3. The embedded industrial computer is small in size and limited in heat dissipation capacity, so the design without fan becomes an inevitable choice. The embedded industrial computer uses the heat sink distributed on the surface of the chassis to dissipate heat, effectively solving the problem of high internal temperature of the chassis and the failure of the cooling fan during long-time work, and improving the stability and reliability of the industrial computer in the field for a long time. At the same time, no fan operation avoids the requirement of air convection, thus effectively preventing dust from entering the industrial computer.

4. Wireless cable design, all circuits are firmly fixed in the industrial computer by circuit board, so that they can still maintain stable and reliable operation in extremely harsh environment such as high temperature, high frequency vibration, high dust, etc.

5. It has the function of self diagnosis. When the machine is down due to failure, it can reset automatically without manual intervention, and can work for a long time with low redundancy.

6. The embedded industrial computer is compact in size, small in size, light in weight, small in space, simple in installation and maintenance, flexible in operation, and can be used with almost any terminal, equipment or control cabinet.

7. The system is easy to upgrade. With the continuous improvement of microprocessor performance, the processing ability, communication ability and interface friendliness of embedded industrial control computer reach a high level, which is enough to meet the requirements of various complex control strategies of industrial control system

6. The hardware of embedded industrial computer, such as CPU, has various grades. Users can choose the industrial computer with appropriate cost performance ratio according to actual needs The product performance advantages and huge market potential of embedded industrial computer stimulate and attract many industrial computer manufacturers to invest in the development of embedded industrial computer.



The difference between embedded IPC and common IPC

1. The embedded industrial computer belongs to the compact industrial computer. Compared with the traditional industrial computer, its volume is more compact, lighter, more stable, and its price is generally lower, but its expansibility is poor. The computing power, software capital and database support of common industrial computer are better than those of embedded industrial computer.

2. The heat dissipation design of the embedded industrial computer is also a bright spot. The heat dissipation of this kind of industrial computer is balanced, and the original heat generating devices are distributed around the heat sink, which can achieve good heat dissipation effect. In the fields of visualization, process monitoring, data statistics, scientific calculation, prototype simulation design, and environment simulation, general industrial computer has inherent disadvantages.

3. In the establishment of large-scale system, the network communication ability of common IPC is hard to be replaced by embedded IPC;

For more information about IPC, please pay attention to high-power computers:


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