RFID reader manufacturer talking about the working mode of reader writer

In the current era of big data, it is very necessary to use electronic devices such as readers and writers as intermediaries to carry out the benign transmission of data, because many data detection, query, reading and erasure need to rely on them to complete, and the use in daily life can facilitate people's management of data.

RFID reader is also called radio frequency identification equipment. Through the wireless communication between the antenna and RFID electronic tag, we can read or write the tag identification code and memory data. A typical reader consists of a high frequency module (transmitter and receiver), a control unit, and a reader antenna.

There are two working modes of the reader writer: 'one is RTF (reader talks first), the other is TTF (tag talks first), which is the conflict prevention protocol of the reader writer.

In general, the electronic tag is in the working state of 'waiting' or 'sleeping'. When the electronic tag enters the function range of the reader writer, it detects a certain characteristic RF signal, then changes from the 'sleep' state to the 'receive' state, receives the command from the reader writer, carries on the corresponding processing, and returns the result to the reader writer. This kind of electronic tag that only receives the special command of the reader and writer to send data is called the RTF (reader talks first) mode; on the contrary, the electronic tag that enters the energy field of the reader and writer that actively sends its serial number is called the TTF (tag talks first) mode. Compared with RTF protocol, TTF electronic tag has the characteristics of fast recognition speed, which can be used in high-speed applications. In addition, it is more robust in noise environment and more practical in dealing with the dynamic changes of the number of electronic tags. Therefore, it is more suitable for industrial environment tracking and tracking applications.


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