Multi function expansion of RFID industrial single channel reader

Industrial single channel UHF reader and writer, 4-way TNC RF interface shell with high protection level design, all interfaces are IP67 level connectors, which meet the needs of different places; widely used in production line automatic data collection, warehouse logistics management, non parking charge management, container management, asset tracking management, etc.

Industrial RFID reader is widely used, mainly used in identity recognition, goods identification, security certification and data collection and other industrial aspects, with the characteristics of security, accuracy, speed, expansion and strong compatibility. There are mainly the following parameters:

1. Physical characteristics

IP65 dust-proof design, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for use in harsh industrial environment;

2. Multiple communication modes

RS232, RS485, TCP \ UDP, moudbus communication protocol, HART communication protocol, PROFIBUS communication, PROFIBUS-DP, pofinet communication, DeviceNet, Ethernet;

3. Main applications

Most industrial readers communicate with PLC in order to make the system run stably. They are generally used in MES system, production line management, assembly line production and places requiring high industrial level.


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