"Smart restaurant" begins to be popular: RFID chips are embedded at the bottom of the plate

'There is an intelligent restaurant in CBD business district of Beijing, which is divided into software platforms such as dining reservation system and hardware equipment of robot arm of back kitchen. When the customer orders the meal by telephone or Internet, the intelligent system will register the time, type, number and price of the meal, and then the dishes required by the customer will be fully reflected in the back kitchen system.

'According to the introduction, the intelligent back kitchen is equipped with an intelligent pot matching machine, which can make a customized pot bottom with thousands of people and thousands of flavors according to each person's different tastes and preferences. The dish dispenser can sense the freshness of food materials, serve the freshest dishes for customers, and automatically destroy the dishes that are not fresh. In the back kitchen, you can see a huge storage of low-temperature food. There are dense tableware stacked in the cupboard. The dishes contain the amount and different types of food.

'The secret of all this is concentrated in the kitchen's intelligent cold chain warehouse of dishes. This is a 0-4 ℃ cold storage, which has a lot of' food matching mechanical arms '. After receiving the order demand from the front desk customers, the mechanical arm will grab the corresponding dishes from the food warehouse through the RFID chip at the bottom of the plate to start the food matching. Each plate with food materials is embedded with an RFID chip. These RFID chips are embedded under the plate The chip is just like the ID card of dishes. On the one hand, it helps the robot arm to identify dishes. On the other hand, RFID chip can also track dishes. Expired dishes will be processed in time.

'A readable and writable information storage chip is installed at the bottom of the dish. The dishes required by the customers are recorded in this chip, and can be recognized by the robot arm. The latter can carry out dishes and integration orderly according to the contents of the recognition chip. Next, it is summarized by the feeding robot and sent to the designated dining table. All the above operations are set and coordinated by the system. The traditional side dish and pass dish personnel disappeared. The saving of human resources brings the retention of profits to the merchants. On the whole, the wisdom of the restaurant reflects the characteristics of convenience, rapidity, accuracy and economy.

The application of artificial intelligence system and equipment not only brings more sense of science and technology to the restaurant, but also improves the operation efficiency of the restaurant and reduces the human cost, which is the future development trend. At the same time, it is pointed out that there are many practical application scenarios such as robot arm and RFID technology in warehouse, and the active exploration of Haidilao in intelligent cold chain logistics is worthy of affirmation and encouragement.

In addition, the merchants also show the essential characteristics of Seafood Hotpot in the overall decoration and layout of the store. For example, the background wall of waiting area, dining area and video content are fully integrated with the underwater world. However, such settings can only be suitable for hotpot food processing, and human intervention is needed for traditional cooking and barbecue.


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