Develop intelligent packaging industry, create new value and realize the whole chain development

The core of 'made in China 2025' is to realize the intelligent upgrading of manufacturing industry. With the gradual promotion of 'made in China 2025' strategy, intelligent manufacturing has become one of the core application fields of emerging technologies such as Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, AI, etc. With the spring breeze of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent packaging has become a new outlet for the development of printing and packaging industry and a new blue ocean to be explored.

Intelligent packaging is bound to become the mainstream trend of packaging industry

'Intelligent packaging is the general term of this kind of packaging which can sense, monitor, locate and record the relevant information of the product after retaining the basic packaging function, and realize efficient and convenient information exchange, communication and interaction with users. Intelligent packaging technology covers preservation technology, packaging technology, barcode technology, anti-counterfeiting technology, Traceability Technology, RFID technology, etc. it tracks and monitors the whole process of product circulation, which can provide brands, retailers and final consumers with higher supply chain efficiency, rich product integrity and excellent customer participation.

'Intelligent packaging solves the three major problems of inventory and life cycle management, product integrity and user experience for the industry. It not only has great potential to destroy the traditional business model, but also creates great value for multiple participants. Intelligent packaging is bound to become the mainstream trend of the packaging industry, but as song Zong, the project director of ICIF, said, at present, intelligent packaging is still in the germination stage, and has not become a formal industry. Smart packaging in its infancy provides an important opportunity for the market, which was seized by ICIF a few years ago, with a large amount of R & D investment and trial first, and gradually launched to the market this year.

'At present, Guoxin uses the traditional printing technology and the modern Internet of things technology to continue to integrate, pushing forward the way of embedding labels in products to achieve intelligent packaging. These embedded tags contain product data information and can be read by readers or smart phones with NFC functions. For example, in the cooperation with customers, Guoxin IOT showed its partners relevant products based on intelligent packaging. Users can see the complete information of this product on the terminal, including the production time, logistics information, use instructions and customer service, just by putting the RFID based mobile terminal near the packaging box.

Different ways to present the value of intelligent packaging

'the integrity of product information acquisition is a way to present the value of intelligent packaging. According to song Zong, intelligent packaging is not a product, but a project or a solution, which involves the integration of software and hardware and the application and management of actual goods. Generally speaking, a complete intelligent packaging solution includes the whole life cycle of products such as packaging materials, process design, intelligent perception, data interaction, system management, etc. from manufacturing to logistics transportation to brand retail and finally to end users, intelligent packaging almost realizes the data tracking of the whole process of product circulation, thus ensuring the actual quality of products in the supply chain Such as whether it is deteriorated, broken, lost or fake. A simple intelligent packaging box can provide consumers with such a huge amount of information, which is a great improvement of consumer experience.

At the same time, Mr. Song pointed out that b-end customers can optimize product production structure and inventory management with the help of smart packaging system of Guoxin IOT, which is another way to present value. Through intelligent packaging technology, customers can learn which product can better meet the needs of consumers, better cater to the tastes of young people, and more favored by the market. In this way, customers can change the product production structure according to these information, carry out deep-seated development, and produce targeted excellent products needed by the market, so as to create unprecedented intimacy with consumers. In addition, the optimization result of intelligent packaging system for specific product inventory can provide decision-making data such as stock out, replenishment and overstock, just like RFID. Mr. Song added that the intelligent packaging system provided to customers free of charge also has AI function, 24-hour online service, which can complete product maintenance and regular update and maintenance of the system


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