【 key 】2019 "high energy" digital government products release conference

Gai energy held the 2019 digital government products release conference in guangzhou on November 14. At the press conference, guangzhou high power computer Shared its series of core technologies in the field of government affairs. Intel would like to join hands with high-energy computer, and partners together to promote the faster development of digital government.



Energetic chairman


Internet + government service environment】





It is my honor to invite Intel business unit to give us an opening speech: in recent years, under the guidance of 'Internet + government services', the pace of China's government affairs informatization has obviously accelerated. With the application of a series of new technologies, the informatization of government affairs is rapidly advancing towards the direction of digital government affairs. Intel joined hands with high-energy computers to jointly launch the digital government products conference.

The establishment of a new generation of information infrastructure. Originally, we were all single platforms, with our own computer rooms, operation and maintenance personnel and developers. Now, we should be an intensive, integrated, inclusive and containerized information infrastructure with the new generation of information technology as the core, called cloud network terminal. Based on artificial intelligence and big data, this is easy to do. Therefore, 'digital China will be basically completed by 2020' can be realized. Government systems and computer rooms are concentrated on the government affairs cloud and will soon be realized.



【The vigorous development of high-energy computers】

In the spring of 2016, when everything is waking up, the high-energy computer grasped the development opportunity and rose rapidly……


'At the beginning of its development, high energy focuses on the development of high performance computing and big data analysis, and integrates two high-end technology applications and technical services. It is a very few innovative technology enterprises with high performance computing and big data analysis as the core technologies. Since its establishment, by the municipal people's congress, the municipal party committee, science and innovation commission and guangzhou Taiwan affairs office and other leaders pay high attention.

Guangzhou high energy computer technology co., LTD is a leading supplier of high performance computing solutions in China. Based on the deep understanding of HPC user application and rich experience in industrial application, the end-to-end solution is constructed in system construction, application analysis of HPC industry, and optimization of heterogeneous transplantation.

In February 2019, a year's work is in the spring, energy is not a moment to stop, the rapid establishment of the shenzhen research and development center, the main research and development of high-performance terminals, domestic independent high-performance soft and hard platform, to provide high-efficiency X86 product industry solutions and customized products and services. High-performance terminal, industrial control motherboard into the market application.


【Intel's Internet of things strategy】


 Intel Marketing director

Data is power, and Intel estimates that data-centric growth will bring huge and fast-growing business opportunities (more than $200 billion in 2022), including more than $33 billion in iot potential. Faced with such a huge potential market and customers' demand for more value from massive amounts of data, Intel's Internet of things strategy is also very clear: to design high-performance chips for the Internet of things, enhance edge computing and focus on computer vision for key industries such as retail, video, industrial and smart city. In the face of the unique needs of Internet of things applications, Intel Internet of things products including from atom ® to strong ® Intel full range of processors to support a variety of industry applications; Intel's management and virtualization technology, Movidius chip, FPGA represented by hardware acceleration, 5G and other interconnection technology;


According to the report of international data corporation and Seagate, the total amount of data in China will exceed 8 trillion GB in 2020, accounting for about 20% of the total amount of data in the world, and China will become the country with the largest amount of data production and the most abundant types.

The technology is not yet available, but the demand scale keeps growing, and the degree of demand urgency is not the same. Under the circumstance that the Internet of things is fully spread out, the demand for privacy security is more and more urgent. Therefore, data sharing and privacy security present strong and urgent demands in these areas.

'Digital government is one of the nine key segments Intel is focusing on in the iot space,' said Intel's director of iot marketing. Now Intel is working with ecological partners: high-energy computer 'to build a series of leading in the field of digital government financial solutions, in order to dissolve the digital transition problem, meet government affairs digital intelligence, business scenarios, channel integration and fusion depth of the' four modernizations 'trend, lead and promote digital revolution in the field of government affairs.'


【High energy computer product development process】

【重点】2019“高能”数字政务产品发布会 R&d manager of high energy technology

The vigorous development of high-energy computer cannot be separated from its systematic research and development process. We know that successful enterprises almost all have relatively perfect project research and development management system. A good r & d management system plays a strong role in supporting the high-speed operation and continuous competitiveness of enterprises.



Quantity: 15PCS;

R & d end: basic function, compatibility, stability, performance test, high and low temperature reliability, signal integrity, power supply quality test, machine structure assembly test

Test output :<>



Quantity: 20PCS;

Factory end: production line test

R&d end: basic function, compatibility, stability, EVT BUG verification and other tests; Whole machine system test

Test output :<< HPCTek MB DVT Test Report>>; << HPCTek SYS DVT Test Report>>



Quantity: 300PCS;

Factory end: production line test, 15PCS ORT, 100PCS stability (copy) test; Whole machine system aging test

R&d end: comprehensive verification test;

Test output :<>; << aging test report >>


Online testing; ORT of parking. Aging test of whole machine; Delivery OQA inspection

Test output :<< production line test report >>;

<< system aging test report >>;

< > etc.


Programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine, NOISEKEN, oscilloscope (Tektronix)

To establish a product development process based on market and customer demand, to manage our product design more effectively, so as to shorten product delivery time, reduce development cost, improve product quality and competitiveness. The high-energy and perfect research and development process from the needs assessment -- project approval -- research and development design -- engineering verification -- design verification -- small batch verification -- batch production, each step is very rigorous, each step is natural, because each member of the team has a higher level and rich experience.


【Intel Internet of things product line diagram introduction】



'Together, we are moving towards a new data-centric world in which industries are being reshaped and profoundly changed, and smart Internet of everything is one of the most iconic trends,' said Mary peng, Intel's technology sales manager. In the field of Internet of things, Intel's strategy is clear - to high performance computing, edge can assign, visual (video) reasoning as the pillar, will be general, seamless software and developer experience, which expands the ecological cooperation, provide solutions to industry as a whole, and thus promote one after another exciting Internet of innovation practice.'

【Appreciation of government cases】



【High-energy product launch site】







At present, the main focus of high-energy computer development in industrial computer and peripheral equipment research and development. Industrial computer products have been involved in finance, POS, lottery, network security, rail transit, security, education, electric power, industrial automation, military and other industries. Provide X86, ARM, domestic platform and other system solutions for various industries.

High-energy localization of the overall solution: hardware + system + drive + personalized application needs. Support the docking of Web, CS and other schemes; Device management has peripheral driver development, SDK development, monitoring management; Adopt the kylin operating system of the galaxy of national defense science and technology university; Hardware: based on feiteng, loongson and other domestic platform mainframe, support commercial/industrial customization of different purposes.



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